Visue Is An Anonymous City Where You Can Live The Best Life

Visue Is An Anonymous City Where You Can Live The Best Life

November 29, 2018 Off By admin

Visue is the city which only a few people are aware of, but when I visited this wonderful place, I was amused why the place has too less tourist flow. This is such a wonderful place, where you can come along as well as with the family to spend some good time. The city has numerous things to watch and enjoy. Here are the places I visited and enjoyed thoroughly.

The city has lots of churches that have rich historical value, artistic treasure and strong culture along with fantastic scenic beauty to enjoy. Viseu is surrounded by green agricultural, so what I like the most about Viseu is its simplicity. Visue is also famous for wine and cheese, so here you will find some of the best vineyards.

If you get the chance, then do visit at least one vineyard to view its beauty and how the wine is prepared here. It is an awesome experience.

The Grão Vasco museum is another attraction of the city. Here you will get the opportunity to see the work of Vasco Fernandes; he is the internationally respected artist. The name of the museum has been named for him and there is also a wine sold on his name.

  • Serra Da Estrela

After traveling to the city for the day, I went to Serra Da Estrela to enjoy some scenic beauty. Someone in Visue told me that this place is best known for recreational activities in the city and I went there, I wasn’t disappointed. There is the highest point in Portugal mainland. Here, you not only get the breathtaking view of mountains, valleys, rivers, and greens, but many activities to do like skiing, walk, camping, fishing in a safe environment. The Mondego River also starts from Serra Da Estrela and offer a great view.