North Vancouver: Exploring The Wealth Of Picturesque Attractions

February 28, 2019 Off By admin

A majority of the tourist tend to neglect North Vancouver when they plan to visit the Greater Vancouver Area. The home to picturesque parks and mountain ranges captured my heart.  Here are some of the attractions you can enjoy when you travel to North Vancouver.

  • Lynn Canyon Park and Suspension Bridge

Lynn Canyon had been established over 100 years ago. I believe this is the ideal outdoor destination for a family vacation. Experience the walking and hiking trails. There is a suspension bridge placed 50 m above the canyon. You will also find picnic areas and swimming holes to enjoy with your family. The best thing about this park is that the entry is completely free.

  • Lynn Canyon Ecology Center

You can enjoy this as a separate destination as you do not have to visit the park for visiting Lynn Canyon Park. If you are traveling with kids, this is a superb destination. This is because they will be able to learn about birds and animals that are to be found in this area. Leave aside kids; there are many facts about ecology that I came to learn after visiting this park.

  • Grouse Mountain

Do not miss out on Grouse Mountain when you visit North Vancouver. It offers summer, as well as winter activities. You can enjoy sliding, skiing, skating, and boarding when you visit in the winter months. The ride in the largest aerial tramway of North America offered the most spectacular view.

  • Eye of the Wind

This is also to be found in the Grouse Mountain but should be considered as an individual destination. It offers a unique experience. The only wind turbine of the world allowed me to stand clear of the glass pod on the tower top. This was surely a lifetime experience.