Joao Pessoa Paraiba: Enjoy The Warm Water And White Sand

Joao Pessoa Paraiba: Enjoy The Warm Water And White Sand

February 15, 2019 Off By admin

To feel the coastal warmth, I visited Joao Pessoa Paraiba. The blue water with sun all the year round makes it the ideal place to get some tan. It is known to be the 2nd greenest city of the world after Paris. I have to say that this city is a hidden gem. If you are going to visit the place any time soon, here are some attractive places you should check out.


  • Watch the sunset at Jacaré Beach

When you are in the city, make sure to go down to Jacare. You can either go by taxi or book a tour from the hotel you are putting up at. I took a taxi from my hotel. To watch the beautiful view of the sunset, you have to check in before 4 pm. You can go out on boats into the sea. Surely, you are going to watch the best sunset that you are unlikely to see anywhere else.

  • Visit São Francisco Church

From the beaches, you can go to the city center that is around twenty minute by taxi ride. You can also take a bus if you want. Go the convent and the church of Sao Francisco. This place has to offer some amazing frescos and you take a tour around the church.

  • Check out the natural pools of Picãozinho

From city center beach Cabo Branco, you can go for a tour of Picãozinho. I took a boat tour from here and it was absolutely amazing. These boats usually leave in the morning. Here, you will get to see amazing colored fishes and corals. As a matter of fact, you might also get to see dolphins if you are lucky enough.

  • Eat some Camarão

You will come across many beach kiosks and also selling cold beers and drinks.  However, you should not miss out on the local shrimps or Camaro that are cheap and delicious.