Learn more about crazy golf hire

Just about everybody loves to play crazy golf, and it makes the perfect activity for a kids' party, family reunion or gathering and many other events and occasions.

Learn more about crazy golf hire

The Appeal of Crazy Golf

Whether you call it crazy golf, miniature golf or putt-putt golf, it has been around for a lot longer than you might think. Crazy golf became popular in the UK and north America during the early 20th century, and the first one in the UK was opened in Skegness in 1926. Today, there are over 600 crazy golf courses in the UK and the appeal is as strong as ever. The game appeals to children and adults alike, has no complicated rules and doesn't have to be taken too seriously. You also don't need to be a skilled golfer to navigate the windmills, open jaws of animals, and spiraling ramps, and half the fun of the game is the wayward or lucky shots. And if there is no course near to you, crazy golf hire may just be the answer.

Crazy Golf Hire

If you aren't familiar with the concept of hiring a crazy golf course, there are several UK companies who will come and set up an authentic course for you. The company will set up the course and dismantle it after use, and all the putters and balls are included, as well as those challenging obstacles that most of us associate with crazy golf. Some companies offer indoor course hire, and if you have the space for it, an indoor course means no weather disruptions. You can choose from the longer 18 hole game or a shorter 9 hole design which allows for a faster round.

Why Hire a Crazy Golf Course?

Playing a few rounds of crazy golf is an ideal solution for your next children's party, although the appeal isn't limited to children. An increasing number of companies are hiring a miniature golf course for the day either as a way to show their appreciation of employees, and as something of a team building exercise too. Playing crazy golf at a family reunion is the perfect way to keep small children entertained, who might otherwise be bored, and it makes for an entertaining and somewhat unusual diversion at weddings and family reunions. Many charity events, village fairs, agricultural shows and school events have also realized the potential of hiring a crazy golf course for a day, or for longer.